The essential link between internal and external communication

When you enjoy your potato fries, you don't really link them to ICT. And yet, information and communications technology plays an important role in all of Aviko's business processes. Without ICT, Aviko would face a serious problem -  of its 1,700 plus employees over 1,000 use automated information systems.

Our ICT department in Steenderen supports all these people and systems year round, 24/7.

Surely enough, we develop and manage various applications for our payroll, inventories, sales and financial administration. But as an ICT professional at Aviko, you will also find yourself working on Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) and dealing increasingly with industrial automation. Think of coding packaged products, for example, or labelling pallets, interacting with the SCADA system or controlling the automated cooling and freezing cells. Hungry for more ideas?