Finance & Procurement

A healthy business

The Finance & Procurement department is the beating heart of our company. Aviko Potato sells seed potatoes to growers, then purchases the ripe potatoes back for processing and production at Aviko. In financial terms, that is a lot of work.

The potatoes must be properly paid for, invoiced and administratively processed. This certainly requires timely and accurate reporting of all the financial transactions. The Finance Shared Service Centre also conducts the company's economic analyses, such as subsequent, investment and acquisition calculations. We also monitor our expenditure and oversee the administrative offices of all the other Aviko companies. As an international company, our procurement surely goes beyond potatoes and includes services and products such as energy, ingredients, other raw and supplementary materials, technical and packaging materials, logistical and support services. That is the responsibility of the Corporate Procurement department. Here we tackle the strategic aspects of procurement - from procurement intelligence and sourcing to contracting and maintenance. Would you like to help guarantee sound operations management at Aviko? Then the Finance & Procurement department is right for you.