Engineering is at the heart of Aviko

Engineering is one of the key ingredients of Aviko's success. It ensures the continuous operation of our production facilities and helps us meet the increasing demand for our potato products. Come peek into our kitchen and discover all the fun you will have as a technical professional at Aviko. We employ all aspects of technology: machine drive and transport technology; cooling and heating technology; measuring and regulating technology; electrotechnology, process technology. You name it.

The Technical Service maintains and repairs all the technical installations and coaches people in production. It is the harmonious combination of people and machines that makes Aviko so strong. This department also contributes ideas for new investment programmes and innovative maintenance concepts to keep our production up to date. Extensive automation and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) make the Technical Service an interesting and challenging environment for technical experts. Now honestly: did you know working with potatoes required so much technology?