Mahinder Bahgai (productie)

Mahinder Bhagai

As a Process Operator, I'm responsible for the entire process management - from the moment the potatoes enter the factory to the moment they are packaged. I keep an eye on everything through the computer: the filling process, cutting of the potatoes, the water temperature, the speed of the pumps, freezing... Everything in the factory that transforms a potato into French fries is monitored by us, the process operators. We always work in pairs. One process operator sits in the control room and the other walks through the factory. We take turns.

The wonderful thing about this work is that you influence the quality of the end product. You keep an eye on the flawlessness of the French fries, the colour, the humidity... Every day we also taste the potato fries to see if they are tasty. It's a fun job! It's also nice that we can anticipate how much our customers will enjoy our French fries. That's satisfying. As process operator at Aviko you get a lot of freedom. Of course, it's all about what you do with that responsibility. That appeals to me. I can truly say that for the 10 years I have been working here, I enjoy my job. I work in a nice team with enthusiastic colleagues who like to work together. It might sound weird, but as a result I have come to see Aviko as my second home.