Jan Willem de Weert

Jan-Willem de Weert

My challenge is to buy the best potatoes for fries for the Aviko factories. We set off by selling seed potatoes to farmers and growers. The Agria, Fontane, Innovator and Victoria sorts, in particular, are very popular. The growers plant the potatoes and we purchase the potatoes back from them several months later. Of course we make good agreements regarding this. Aviko has various contracts with farmers. For instance, over the years and together with my predecessors, I have built up a group of approximately 100 regular clients in my region, the south-west part of the Netherlands.

The objective is to ensure sufficient supply to our factories, but what makes the work so much fun is dealing with all the different people. Everyone has their own personality. I advise the farmers during the growing period and right before the harvest, and together we assess the quality of the potatoes. Together we get it going. I do a great part of my work from home. There, together with my father, I have an agricultural business. I acquired my love for potatoes at a very young age.

I have been working for Aviko for five years now and I really like it. Everything is well organised and I get lots of freedom to manage my time. In addition, this job offers me the opportunity to see how other agricultural businesses are run.