Gerrald Peters

Gerald Peters

As transport planner, I'm responsible for transporting our frozen products to the UK and France. I also focus on delivering purchase orders for transporters and making agreements for transportation. That's a daily challenge. A customer that orders on day 'X' should have their products delivered on day 'Y'. We even deliver fresh products twice a week to our customers. That requires well-organised logistics. Our Client Service & Supply Chain department is completely focused on the customer: after all, the customer is king.

As an employee I have little to complain about at Aviko. Aviko is a wonderful, big company with a culture of getting things done. I like that. In addition, the secondary employment conditions are good. My pension is taken care of, I have 37 days of annual leave and I get an fitness allowance. With regard to training, Aviko is also not lagging behind. For instance, I learned several languages here: German, English and Spanish.

Although planning is my profession, I don't look too far ahead in my personal life. Further growth is a bit difficult for me at the moment, but I don't mind that. I am extremely happy with the job I have now!