Bar Rutten (productie)

Bart Rutten

In 2005, I switched career from the transport sector to Aviko. It was a very conscious decision. At the time, the logistics sector wasn't doing so well, but I reasoned that people will always continue eating. I started at Aviko  as Transport Order Manager in the dispatch department in Lomm.. Three years later, I became Head of Dispatch in Cuijk. Now I'm doing something entirely different again: I am Team Manager in Cuijk. It's quite an intensive job right now because I am still busy putting together a team. The team consists of a Technical Maintenance Mechanic, two Process Operators and several Line Operators.

My main responsibility is to coach people that they can do their work well and that the production lines continue to work. That's why I spend most of my time in the factory. During my shift, I mostly answer the questions of my team members and make sure that everything continues to work properly. My philosophy is that you can have the best machines, but if you don't have good people operating them, the machines won't work!

Working with and managing people is what I like most about my job. Every person is unique and requires a personal approach. And so neither my job as a manager nor my work at Aviko ever tire me. It is a big company but it also feels small and cosy, like a family business. At Aviko, a great deal of attention is paid to the human factor. Do you want to study? That's possible. Even with my secondary vocational education I have been able to make great progress here. Who doesn't want that?