Our employees

  • Mahinder Bahgai (productie)

    Mahinder Bhagai

    Process Operator

    As a Process Operator, I’m responsible for the entire process management – from the moment the potatoes enter the factory to the moment they are packaged.

  • Bar Rutten (productie)

    Bart Rutten

    Team Manager Lomm

    In 2005, I switched career from the transport sector to Aviko. It was a very conscious decision.

  • Janneke Peters

    Janneke Peters

    Head of Quality Service

    I have been enjoying my work at Aviko since my work placement as part of my training at HAS college.

  • Kees Jansen

    Kees Jansen

    ICT Manager

    From our ICT department in Steenderen, we automate all the business processes of Aviko worldwide.

  • Gerrald Peters

    Gerald Peters

    Transport planner

    As transport planner, I’m responsible for transporting our frozen products to the UK and France.

  • Heddie Drent

    Heddie Drent

    Key Account Manager FS Netherlands

    Let me admit straight away: I am passionate about potatoes.

  • Jan Willem de Weert

    Jan-Willem de Weert

    Fieldwork Employee

    My challenge is to buy the best potatoes for fries for the Aviko factories. We set off by selling seed potatoes to farmers and growers.