People are the core of Aviko.

A company is only as good as its people. And people are definitely Aviko's greatest asset and guarantee for continued success.  It is therefore our goal to ensure that our 1,700 employees have the best employment conditions and that they can enjoy good health when they retire. The age-aware personnel policy, which Aviko introduced in 2010, is one of our CSR objectives.  In addition, we provide continuous learning for our staff to upgrade and retain their professional skills at the highest level. Aviko employees with limited work capacity or health risks also get professional support to improve their work competence and health.

The safety of our people is a top priority at Aviko. We have an extensive safety programme to ensure there are zero accidents at our facilities. As a global player in potato processing, we are conscious of the existing environmental challenges and don't take nature's blessings for granted. That is why we care about social issues such as energy shortage, the environment, the growth and health of the world population and, last but not least, the safety and wellbeing of our own employees.

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